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I’m a huge fan of this community and I’m really not happy seeing people using this plateform trying to promote Paidera pay per click referral program scam! Even Brave browser don’t like it and we have to shield off to get access to it, please address this issue to BAT authority and other leaders otherwise we might loose control of this forum.

Contributing to individual accounts on Minds.com

I’ve been seeing how donating BAT works. So far I’ve noticed some neat integration into some websites like Reddit where I’ll see the BAT symbol added as another option where you would normally reply or report a post.

On other sites where I couldn’t find the symbol in the body of the site I noticed that it was at the top in the address bar. A blue check means it’s a verified site.

When I go to Minds.com I noticed that it has an option to donate BAT to Minds themselves but the option isn’t available for individual users on Minds. When I got to my own Minds account page, the symbol on the address bar shows that it’s verified but when I click it, my name doesn’t come up, only Minds.com.

I figured Minds themselves has to do some kind of extra step for each individual account or perhaps this is something that can be rectified on the BAT team end? I’m not sure, but I’d really like to start taking advantage of alternative internet media sources like BitChute, Soundcloud, Minds, Gab, and Artstation.

A more established site like Steam would be really nice as well. Since steam basically makes separate communities for each game that is available on the platform, and Steam users can submit guides and such that are easily accessible from the overlay, it’d be nice to be able to contribute BAT to users who have made guides or contributed to Steam through Brave.

Maybe it s a thought too merge all options into one webpage so you only have to login once and that the personal start option can bring you to the BAT option you would like to see into at that moment, for me personal its a bit confusing to sign in to different pages while it would be much easier stay in one account and be able to just click into it like option to go to communitie or advertising or BAT browser rewards etc. I would even put a live chat for all the people online to help one another!!