A Tip In Basic Attention Token From Uphold πŸ‘ Here Is What I Did!

Last Tuesday, I received a tip from Uphold in Basic Attention Token. :partying_face: Uphold was doing its first #TipsTuesday on Twitter. From now on you get a chance to receive a tip from Uphold in BAT every Tuesday. Here is what I did.

As I am following Uphold on Twitter, I noticed their tweet announcing their first #TipsTuesday.

The instructions for taking part in their #TipsTuesday are quite simple. You just have to tweet something about Brave, Uphold or crypto. Just make sure to tag @UpholdInc and @Brave and to use the hashtag #TipsTuesday .

So this is basically what I did on yesterday`s #TipsTuesday.

A few hours later Uphold mentioned me in their latest tweet and announced that they have just tipped me using the Brave Browser.

My Twitter account had already been verified for Brave Rewards. So at the same time in which they announced me in the tweet, I received an email from Uphold with the information that I have received 9.5 BAT from an Uphold member.

Next Tuesday there is another chance to get a tip in BAT from Uphold. All you need is a Twitter account and a little bit of luck.

I hope I could provide you with some short but very useful information.
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Nice post, thought I’d send you one as well …


That`s super cool :sunglasses: I have just received your tip! Thanks a lot @kiwibloke I really appreciate it :+1:


Uphold actually tipped you 10 BAT as Brave take 5%
themselves themselves. I only recently found this out.

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