A Month Today, I haven't been receiving ADS

  1. What is the cause?
  2. Is ADS based on location?
  3. Someone recommend VPN. Please, what do you ADVICE?

hi idel, you need to create an uphold wallet and go through kyc, thats what i did and the adverts starting coming 5 every hour. lee

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I think ads are still not available in most countries. I do have the Uphold installed and only getting like 5-7 ads/month, all of them being from Brave itself (community, news…)

First, see FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

Second, yes, its based on your location. It’s also depends on the availability of ads campaign in your country. brave.com/transparency

Also, the only way to get more ads is hoping for more advertisers using Brave platform to run their campaign @fuscobal.

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Thank you, will do. Just that

Thank you, I read that previously. I will check again

Yes, I saw that on their page about advertiser creating campaign on the brave platform. Thank you

All questions are answered.
This case is Close.

start surfing the web and looking at amazon marketplace, you will get rewards

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other than amazon? any website recommended ?

make sure you send a tip, however small to the ads that you open, the algorithm will recognise it and keep sending, also start using your brave browser to surf on sites like ebay, amazon, coinmarketcap, youtube, when you get an ad sent , scroll down the page and leave it open, i hope this helps. lee


Sure does, thanks for your tips :slight_smile:

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